Since opening August 1955, Don Camillo has made its name as one of Melbourne’s iconic sports café restaurants. Our menu is classically inspired using the freshest Australian/ Italian produce and cooking the most authentic Italian cuisine. Don Camillo was one of the first three café’s to open in the CBD. Remarkably it is listed in Melbourne historical café book.

Melbourne offers a short but rich history in the development of particularly Italian style cafe culture. This era now spanning some 50 years, indeed long enough to be taken quite seriously. More or less the world history, out side of Italy, of the Gaggia method espresso machine has existed here, stemming from the early 1950s. It is in a number of the older inner city suburbs where some relics of those early "pioneering" days can still be found.

Likewise in Victoria Street West Melbourne can be found another historic landmark in this city's coffee cultural history, "Don Camillo". Here you will find an original terrazzo floor and formicca tables, while the walls more recently display this city's sporting heroes adding some unpretentious Italian charm to the place.

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